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Gender Diversity Consulting

The top 25% of companies in male-dominated industries that have the most gender diverse executive leadership

teams are 47% more profitable than those

in the bottom 25%.

(Women as Levers of Change)

Companies with inclusive cultures report a 59% increase in creativity and innovation


When men and women submit blind resumes for a job, a woman’s likelihood of getting the job increases

by 25% to 46%

(Study by Harvard and Princeton Universities)

Organizations vary regarding their current efforts, success, and propensity for hiring, retaining, mentoring, promoting, and supporting female employees. With Gender Diversity Consulting, I listen to your organizational goals, evaluate the current state of your organization with regards to those goals and work with your team to develop an action plan to reach or surpass those goals.

Together We Can...

Increase your success rate for female employee recruitment

Increase your ability to retain female employees
Develop a Diversity Plan
Expand, or Improve your Existing Diversity Plan
Create an External Evaluation of your organization's Gender Diversity Efforts
Obtain honest feedback from your employees to determine the perceived level of gender equality within your organization


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